The Human Brain

The Human BrainOur brain gives us power to think, speak and imagine. The brain is small, roughly 3 lbs, everything consciously and unconsciously happens here. Deep inside the brain information is communicated through the release of chemicals and electrical impulses. These impulses travel along brain cells called neurons.

Scientists estimate that we have 100 billion neurons forming networks and connections between the brain and the body.

Messages are sent through neurons.

A popular theory of brain organization is that of the Triune Brane which describes the brain in three distinct sections with a hierarchy of refinement and consciousness.

The lowest area, Reptillian Brain or brain stem, controls our physical and unconscious functions like breathing, heart rate and hunger. Secondary, Mammalian/ Limpic brain filled with memory, emotions, bonding and reactions like the fight or flight response.

The top part of the brain is called the cerebral cortex and this deals with most of our conscious activity like reading, writing, art, thinking and performing skilled movements.

If you look at the cortex, it is divided into two parts, left and right hemispheres.

They are constantly receiving info from and to body and senses. The hemispheres connected by thick bundle of nerves called Corpus Callosum which acts as a bridge connecting the two hemispheres and enabling a constant flow of information.

When the electrical impulses from the body and senses arrive at the cortex they cross over to the opposite side of the brain, meaning the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body.

Each of us tends to be more reliant on one hemisphere than the other. When stressed we operate from our default or dominate hemisphere. When stressed we become more restricted to dominate sides.

Different specialist areas become active, we now know that when we hear someone, the speech centers are not the only one active. At any time there is activity defused across the brain showing that for the best possible performance we need the whole brain working in an adhesive and integrative way.


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