Webinar Series: Practical Strategies for Self-Care Mastery with MS

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Dr Larry Berkelhammer & his webinar series

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Learn new skills to master the various challenges associated with living with a chronic medical condition. Learn how to take charge of your healthcare and self-care. Discover new ways to give your life meaning and purpose, and explore how to best adapt to changes and losses.

This webinar series provides the road map that will guide you in how to increase wellbeing despite health challenges. By engaging in the mindfulness-based practices presented in these webinars, which were developed out of new advances in psychology, you will learn that the power to be the master of your condition and your life is in your own hands.

registration button - green starEach chapter focuses on a tool to cultivate wellbeing and ends with helpful hints on medical self-efficacy.

This educational webinar series will inform you of evidence-based tools developed from recent advances in psychology. To increase mastery wellbeing, self-care & your ability to work collaboratively & proactively with yon partnership with your doctors.


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Webinar 1:  A Personal Journey of Exploration

Date: Thu Apr 17, 3pm AK, 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern

Dr Larry Berkelhammer - speaking

This presentation is an introduction to the power of the mind to effect physiological changes.  It includes my own story of how getting diagnosed with several debilitating chronic medical conditions catalyzed my search to explore the frontier of the connection between the mind and health. Each week, the presentation will conclude with tips on how to achieve medical self-efficacy.


Webinar 2:  Toward Mastery & Wellbeing

Date: Thu Apr 24, 3pm AK, 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern

woman with arms outstretched palms up feeling triumphantIn this webinar, I discuss what is meant by mastery & wellbeing, including mention of well-known people who live with mastery & wellbeing. I’ll describe specific attitudes and behaviors that have consistently been found to create a sense of mastery and wellbeing.

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Webinar 3: What Causes Disease?

Date: Thu May 1, 3pm AK, 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern

concept image - mind-body connectionIn this presentation, I dispel some myths about why we get sick and provide a brief introduction to the science. Included is a discussion about the 21 attributes found in people who live with mastery & wellbeing, and we’ll explore more about the way the mind influences health.



Webinar 4: Theories of Suffering

Date: Thu May 8, 3pm AK, 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern

everybody hurts - woman with face in her armsThis webinar explores the real causes of suffering and points to a path out of unnecessary suffering. In particular, we will explore new advances in psychology that explain the paradox of the fact that resistance to pain increases it. We’ll also explore concrete behaviors that reduce suffering.



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