Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 3 ~ Organizing Starts with Collecting

pile of paper work - 12+ inches highSince I hadn’t been motivated to work through the pile that has been building on my desk for the last couple of weeks, Dawn challenged me to do something about it. Well, the pile is gone, and my energy has changed already. Everything that was in the haphazard pile is now neatly stacked in a tray. The tray is on the kitchen table waiting to get sorted.

For me, organizing always starts with collecting.  Collecting up all the pieces of chaos that are negatively charging a physical (or mental) environment is the primary step for moving forward. Yeah, that’s done!

Next step is to sort the contents of the tray on the kitchen table (which I have to clear of clutter first) into priority levels and time requirement. I’ll fill you in when that gets done.

Guess what I did get done today?  Well, two clues:  1 – Our tax return came in and, 2 – My jeans are big enough now to pull down without unzipping. LOL! Now guess!

Yup, clothes shopping! Got 2 pair of pants and 1 top for a grand total of $18 – cool! Shopping is fun but it’s even better when I find a great deal. I didn’t buy more than that though because I know it’s all going to be too big for me by the fall.   😉

looking down on woman standing on a digital scale - 251.4 lbsOn that note, my Weekend Weigh-In was a good start to my day today. Weighed in at 251.4 so that means I’m down almost another lb from last weekend. I’ll take it! Considering I’m now up to 4 days per week with my 10-lb weights, a 1-lb loss is very welcome. Since muscle weighs more than fat, and I am definitely firming up some long since used muscles, there’s possibly even going to be weeks that my weight goes up slightly, and that’s OK.

The most important thing is that I’m feeling healthier every day. At least a couple of times a day now I’ll be sitting somewhere and I realize that I need something and I almost sing out to Ernest to grab it for me, and then it hits me… I can actually do it myself now. So I get up and get it and come back and sit down again. No pain, no falling, no exhaustion. Wow! Very Cool!

I’m tickled pink to be regaining some abilities that I lost a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong though, my right leg, my MS leg, doesn’t feel any better. I still have to lift it with my hand to get my foot up into the truck and my right foot still barely leaves the floor when I walk. BUT, the about 40 lbs I’m down now has better-abled the rest of my body to compensate for the MS deficiencies.

Tonight we opted to cook a frozen pizza and I couldn’t eat it. It was just to greasy for me. My stomach is definitely becoming accustomed to having high quality food dropped down there. Doesn’t know what to do other than send it back up when I fall below the new food quality standards for consumption.  It’s been almost 5 months I’ve been eating healthy now. Definitely one of my longest stretches.

Till next time, take self-care seriously & God bless!


TRISH ROBICHAUD is an award-winning Life & Business Coach who lives with MS. She teaches women living with chronic illness or disability how to honour and accommodate their health as a foundation for life. Book a free OPTIMAL HEALTH or HEALTHY BUSINESS Strategy Session at www.ChangingPaces.com or www.MSrelief.com.


  1. trish…thanks so much for all your work on my website. I haven’t tried the html editor you recommended yet but plan to this week. Just going with the flow and taking care of myself…as you know, that’s kind of new for me!

    • Glad you like the site Moe! I’m thrilled to hear that you’re “going with the flow” and honouring your need for self-care my friend. That’s our best weapon in the battle with chronic illness. Keep in touch! ~Trish:-)

  2. Oh man, I totally relate! I’m glad you’re setting the example! And congratulations! Even through it all you are staying strong on your goals!

  3. Hello Trish, Indeed losing weight is for wellness. Thank you so much for posting this. I really love this topic. For me, Health is a major concern for everybody because of the food intake today. Keep posting for more. Great work!

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