Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 6 ~ Cottage Cheese Surprise

Nutritional Facts of some food itemIn the past, every “diet” (man I hate that word!) or food plan I’ve ever been on involved required that you restrict your food intake, write down what you eat and count calories, grams or whatever.  Most never lasted long enough for me to see any significant success. I have a really hard time with anyone telling (or asking) me to do anything that has anything to do with food.

In fact, I’m so sensitive at times (depending on the time of the month <grin>) about my weight that my husband is NOT allowed to talk about my weight or what I’m eating.  OK, so it’s not that he’s not “allowed” but more like he “wouldn’t dare”, unless he’s longing to sleep out in the workshop.  LOL!  I’ve done tons of work on myself over the years but the one area that I’ve never really been able to get to the bottom of is my disordered (compulsive) eating, up till now that is.  I seriously feel like I’m making significant progress this time, thanks to growing my “Appetite Awareness“! Yeah!

OK, so here’s the video of my recent session with Dawn.  Listen for my unusual use of cottage cheese and how I integrate it into my meal plan.

In case you’re interested in the recipe I told Dawn about, here it is… I LOVE it!

COTTAGE CHEESE SURPRISETwo parfait glasses with whipped dessert inside

2 – 500 ml of 1% or fat free cottage cheese

1 – 500 ml Cool Whip Light

2 – Package of Jello Light (any flavour you like, I enjoy the Fruit Fiesta)

1 – 540 ml pineapple chunks unsweetened

2 – 284 ml mandarin orange sections

Alternately: I use fruit cocktail instead of pineapple and mandarin sections

1 – 796 ml Fruit Cocktail packed in water

Open the tines of fruit & drain well. Mix cool whip with cottage cheese.  Add Jello powder and mix well.  Add drained fruit and mix thoroughly. Cover and refrigerate 1/2 to 1 hour before serving. Tastes even better if you make up early morning or night before to allow flavours to meld. Makes a great quick nutritious and light dessert or man course depending on your preference.

I actually tried some tofu this week.  It was peach/mango flavour but it was really watery.  Tasted pretty good but wasn’t crazy about the texture.  So I broke up a single serving size package (100 calories) of chocolate chip mini-cookies into it and it was awesome!

Please comment below if you have any unique (or tried & true) concoctions that are both tasty and healthy. Please keep in mind that I don’t cook. LOL!  No really, it’s true.  I’m a master at the microwave though!

Please share your easy to make recipes with us.

Till next time, take care & God bless!


TRISH ROBICHAUD is an award-winning Life & Business Coach who lives with MS. She teaches women living with chronic illness or disability how to honour and accommodate their health as a foundation for life. Book a free OPTIMAL HEALTH or HEALTHY BUSINESS Strategy Session at www.ChangingPaces.com or www.MSrelief.com.


  1. It nice COTTAGE CHEESE SURPRISE receipt, i have to try.

    • Rosadi,
      I am so glad Trish put this recipe here to remind me of this delicious snack! I love it! Just like Trish said it can be eaten at all times of the day!

  2. This looks absolutely amazing!!! I, similarly, don’t cook and struggle with convincing myself that starving myself is actually going to do anything other than make me grumpy… I will be back to check out more of what people have to say soon.

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