Weight Loss 4 Wellness – Episode 7 ~ One Less Medication & 3 More Houses

Male doctor checking woman blood pressureI just couldn’t believe it! I’ve never had a doctor validate my weight loss ever before in my life. But this week I saw my cardiologist and he was so impressed with my weight loss that he kept bringing it up over and over during my appointment, making reference to my “fading away” <grin>.

And the best news is that he’s taken me off my cholesterol medication! Yeah! That’s one down and I’m not even sure I want to count how many to go, but it’s a solid beginning. I look forward to the day when my liver gets a break from all the pharmaceuticals that I take.

The walking is really unnerving for me.  In the short distance I’ve been walking with my cane, in just the ten minutes that is my limit right now, my right knee is giving out on me every minute or two. So, Dawn and I talked about my getting a walker to give me more security while on my walks.

The idea initially evoked emotion in me but I do see that it’s a logical choice for me for safety. Feeling like I “need” a walker makes me feel powerless but if I take the stance that I’m “choosing” to use the walker then I feel more in the driver’s seat in this situation.

What about you? Do you use any mobility devices? Did you have an emotional reaction when  you first had to go there? Please share how you handled it in the comments below.


TRISH ROBICHAUD is an award-winning Life & Business Coach who lives with MS. She teaches women living with chronic illness or disability how to honour and accommodate their health as a foundation for life. Book a free OPTIMAL HEALTH or HEALTHY BUSINESS Strategy Session at www.ChangingPaces.com or www.MSrelief.com.

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