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Click here to share your story on MSrelief.com...We all know how real-life stories help and encourage people who feel a connection with the story-teller for one reason or another. Well, it’s particularly empowering when we read about someone who’s living and coping with the same diagnosis that we have.

So, we’ve created the “MS Story Corner” so that we can all have the opportunity to be inspired and empowered by members of our community here at MSrelief.com.

It’s on the main menu under “Blog Corner” as well as in the categories on the left sidebar.  If you haven’t already done so, you can check out our MS stories right here!

Your story may include:

  • What symptoms you were experiencing when you were diagnosed.
  • How long did it took for a diagnosis to be reached?
  • What treatments you’ve tried and how did they affect you?

“Must Haves”

  • 500-750 words
  • At least one picture of you or an image to represent you like a flower or symbol
  • Links to all your social media sites like facebook, twitter and your blog if you have one
  • A positive message about what you have learned as a result of your multiple sclerosis experience, basically how you’ve dealt with it!

When you have your piece ready, you can submit it using the following button:

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Meet a few of those who have shared their story on MSrelief.com

You can see more on the right sidebar under MS Story  Corner


Nicole Lemelle

My name is Nicole Lemelle. I am a writer, activist, married woman and a person living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I created My New Normals to educate those who do not understand MS, reassure people with similar plights and inspire everyone to seize command of their lives. You can find me on my blog; My New Normals,  or email me at nicole@mynewnormals

Read Nicole’s Story Here

Sherri Stakes

Using snark & twisted humor is how Sherri Abendroth has learned to live life with Multiple Sclerosis. She is married to her best friend who encourages and participates in that humor. Sherri is a closet artist, learning as she goes that art can be healing as well as a great coping tool for the woes the beast creates.

Sherri can be found in a few places around the interwebs: Sherri’s Blog: Messy Mind, Twitter Sherriatx,Facebook My Messy Mind and Email Sheri@sherriestakes.com

Read Sherri’s Story Here

Debra Lighthart

Debra was diagnosed with MS in 2009 but probably had it much earlier.  She has been happily married  to her caregiver for 37 years and has 3 grown children.  Debra  is very active and has found ways to adapt her living to compensate for her new reality of life with MS.

Read Debra’s Story Here

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