Your life… your story… your legacy

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Everybody has a story.

Your life is your story, writing and preserving
it will bless your life and those who will read it.

The memories and experiences that have shaped your life are a great gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

One of the many benefits of telling your story is that you learn more about yourself. The very process requires considering what you believe, what matters most and what the sum of your life experiences has taught you.

There are many benefits of writing your personal history.  One is to ensure that your children, grandchildren and others will know you as a person.
Another benefit is to share incidents in your life that teach a lesson or tell of your triumphs over adversity, your recovery after a fall and your rejoicing when you finally achieve, providing inspiration to others facing a challenge.

Your personal history will ensure that you, a unique individual, are not forgotten.

Enjoy the process!

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